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Revolutionizing Concrete Technology With Graphene

NanoCrete is at the forefront of advancing carbon nanotechnology in concrete.


Who We Are!

NanoCrete, with its innovative product NanoGel, is at the forefront of advancing carbon nanotechnology in concrete. Our focus is to tackle multiple challenges in shotcrete construction by significantly reducing waste and fine particle dust through enhanced material adherence, enhancing profitability for our clients.

NanoGel, a groundbreaking graphene-enhanced gel, is designed to improve shotcrete performance and longevity, thus minimizing material wastage and slashing maintenance and labor costs. At NanoCrete, we are dedicated to revolutionizing concrete construction through advanced carbon nanotechnology, offering solutions that not only boost efficiency but also drive profits for our customers.

What We Do!

Unleashing Graphene's Power in Concrete: Introducing NanoGel

At NanoCrete, we're harnessing the transformative power of graphene to revolutionize concrete construction. Graphene, a material renowned for its remarkable strength and conductivity, is reshaping how we think about building materials.

Our groundbreaking approach integrates graphene into concrete during batch mixing, enhancing its final strength, durability, and performance. Our flagship product, NanoGel, a graphene-enhanced gel admixture, showcases this innovation. NanoCrete is spearheading this exciting development, pioneering a new era in concrete technology for the construction industry. Let’s talk about your project, today!


Cost-Saving Solutions for Advanced Shotcrete Applications

Our NanoGel material revolutionizes shotcrete applications, by helping reduce rebound and fine particulate matter. The science behind our technology aligns with the American Concrete Institute’s emphasis on innovative concrete solutions. By reducing material and maintenance costs while enhancing durability, we offer long-term financial and sustainability benefits. The inclusion of graphene, as explored by Graphene@Manchester, transforms the traditional concrete mix, making it a smarter choice for the construction industry.

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Graphene-Enhanced Material: Transforming Concrete Economically and Sustainably

NanoCrete's graphene-enhanced NanoGel material is designed to help contractors produce sustainable, cost-effective, and high quality concrete construction, which helps architects and project managers deliver maximum value without compromising on materials. By incorporating NanoGel, concrete contractors can improve material efficiency from the molecular level to the street level, as advocated by The Graphene Council.

This approach not only elevates the durability of concrete structures but also supports the global movement towards reduced carbon emissions in construction, a trend highlighted by the Portland Cement Association


The Product

NanoCrete's groundbreaking NanoGel is revolutionizing the construction industry, offering contractors an unparalleled tool to enhance both the fresh and hardened properties of shotcrete. This graphene-enhanced gel formula is a nod to practical. When mixed into the concrete blend, NanoGel integrates effortlessly, ensuring a smooth flow through pumps, hoses, and nozzles. This ease of use is pivotal, eliminating common headaches like blockages, packing, or segregation that can slow down projects and escalate costs


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