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NanoCrete, with its innovative product NanoGel, is at the forefront of advancing carbon nanotechnology in concrete.


This graphene-enhanced gel formula is a nod to practical

NanoCrete's groundbreaking NanoGel is revolutionizing the construction industry, offering contractors an unparalleled tool to enhance both the fresh and hardened properties of shotcrete. This graphene-enhanced gel formula is a nod to practical. When mixed into the concrete blend, NanoGel integrates effortlessly, ensuring a smooth flow through pumps, hoses, and nozzles. This ease of use is pivotal, eliminating common headaches like blockages, packing, or segregation that can slow down projects and escalate costs.

Moreover, NanoGel's superior rheology is a game-changer. By minimizing dust and rebound wastage, it not only creates a cleaner, safer worksite but also translates to tangible savings in material and labor costs. This efficiency is further amplified by the reduced time contractors need to spend on the job, thanks to NanoGel's streamlined application process.

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No special training to use

No special mixing changes needed

Reduces dust & rebound rates up to 20%

Increased overall strength

ASTM C39 Tested


Laborers are continuously working with no time lost

Immediate ROI, as opposed to additional costs before return

Enhanced safety, reduced waste, and cost savings on materials

Enhanced structural reliability with less total materials used

Tested to ensure ease of use and quality are consistent

The benefits of NanoGel extend well beyond its fresh state

The benefits of NanoGel extend well beyond its fresh state. Once hardened, concrete infused with NanoGel dramatically outperforms traditional concrete in key areas such as durability, crack resistance, and overall functional performance. These enhancements ensure longer-lasting structures with fewer maintenance requirements, delivering unmatched value to contractors and end-users alike. To achieve optimal results, a precise dosage of NanoGel is crucial. We recommend adding 20- 30mL of NanoGel for every 400 lbs of concrete, a small amount that makes a significant difference. This precise formulation ensures that contractors can leverage the full potential of NanoGel without overuse.


Use Case #1

Arizona Residential Pool

  • NanoCrete NanoGel dosage rate= 1 NanoGel 300 mL Tube/cubic yard; 3.5 cu yards total

  • 4000-psi, 15% Class F Fly Ash, 45lbs Portland Cement/yard, ⅜ Madison Gold aggregate.

  • 200 lb batch mixes, 1 squeeze of NanoGel from caulk gun (10-20 mL equivalent) per batch.

  • “I like how simple NanoGel was to use in my mixes. I dont have to change anything I’m doing, and I dont have to do any special training with my crew.” -General Contractor

Application Guidelines

It is the end user’s responsibility to perform trial batches to ensure the desired concrete mixture proportions align with your particular required concrete properties. For guidance on utilizing NanoGel, feel free to reach out to your local NanoCrete sales representative. When formulating concrete, it's ideal to adhere to the recommended dosage range for NanoGel. In certain scenarios, dosages beyond the suggested range may offer continued advantages to your concrete. For dosages of NanoGel beyond the manufacturer’s guidelines, please reach out to your local NanoCrete representative.