NanoCrete, with its innovative product NanoGel, is at the forefront of advancing carbon nanotechnology in concrete.

NanoGel is a graphene-enhanced gel admixture designed to improve the properties of shotcrete by reducing rebound waste and fine particulate dust through much more efficient material adherence. It disperses uniformly in the mix, enhancing the cohesion and workability of shotcrete.

Yes, NanoGel is versatile and can be integrated into a variety of shotcrete mixes. It is designed to work effectively with both dry and wet mix shotcrete, ensuring improved performance across different applications.

NanoGel is added to the shotcrete mix as the last component before application. It should be thoroughly mixed for at least 60 seconds to ensure even distribution throughout the concrete, enhancing its properties without altering the standard application process.

NanoGel optimizes the hydration process, potentially improving curing times. However, environmental conditions and mix specifics also play a role, so adjustments may be necessary.

No special equipment is needed. NanoGel is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing shotcrete application processes, using standard shotcrete equipment.

Using NanoGel in shotcrete contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for additional materials, lowering rebound waste, and enhancing the durability and lifespan of structures. This leads to less waste and a much more sustainable process and product.